Mailmodo has Journeys. They are triggered by Influencerbit when a specific event happens such as

  • When anyone gives you their Instagram Username
    (Your journey's aim is to incentivize them to post / mention your brand on Instagram)

  • When anyone mentions your brand on Instagram
    (Thank them for the mention and reward them with Gift Coupons / Discount codes, etc)

To Connect Mailmodo to Influencerbit, we need 3 Things from Mailmodo:

  1. API Key

  2. Influencer Onboard Jouney ID

  3. Mentioned you Journey ID

Mailmodo API Key:

  • In Mailmodo Dashboard, click on Settings >> Api Keys >> Show Default Api Key

    Copy this key

MailModo Influencer Onboarding Journey ID

This journey will be triggered by Influencerbit when anyone gives their Instagram Username (At the order confirmation page)

  • In Mailmodo, Click on "Journey" in the left side in Dashboard and click on "Create New Journey"

  • Drag "Send Campaign" option and connect it to Start and click on it to Configure.

  • Click on "Create New Triggered Campaign" button on Right. It will open a popup with templates.

  • You should have created a new Template earlier which you want to send to Incentivise them to post. If not, create one now and come back and start from here again.

  • Name the campaign, Add the Subject line and pre-header text.

  • Click Continue and "Publish" it by clicking on Publish button at top right. Make sure you added the sender details and reply to address.

  • The Journey is created!! Voila!! It will show in your dashboard. Now we Need the ID for this Jouney

  • Click on "Add Contact" button for the created Journey.

  • A popup appears. Click on "Add Through Api" option.

  • You would see the Code with Grey background. We need the Start API Code. The one after /start as you can see the image below. Copy this Journey ID. In this case, it is 24c88054-a6e2-4fa3-84a0-0a155842ee9c

Mailmodo "Mentioned you" Journey ID

This journey is triggered when anyone mentions you on Instagram. You can write a "Thank you" mail appreciating the post / story / reel and then another mail after few hours with Coupon code / Gift card.

(If you want to send unique coupon codes / gift cards to everyone, reach out to us on support and we will help you out with the custom integration)

As you got the ID for the journey and created the journey above in Influencer Onboarding section, you can get the same ID for this journey too and save it with you for the next step ahead.

Integrating Mailmodo with Influencerbit

  1. Click on Integrations on the Left side in Influencerbit Dashboard and then choose Mailimodo and click on Connect button. A popup comes.

  2. Enter the API Key and the Journey IDs.

  3. Name the list as Influencerbit (Or anything else which you like).

  4. Keep the last section for Campaign URL Blank (This is used for sending unique discount codes to each user)

  5. Click on Submit button and make sure your Mailmodo Journeys are live.

If they are live, as soon as anyone submits an Instagram username to Influencerbit, the Mailmodo Journey for Influence Onboarding is triggered and when anyone mentions your brand, the Mailmodo journey for "Mentioned You" is triggered by Influencerbit.

You can test the same by Going to People / Influencer Section in Home. And manually adding a user.

Please reach out to us via the chat in the bottom right if you are stuck anywhere or have any questions. We are all in and want to make Influencerbit a success and would really love to listen to your feedbacks. We wanna hear all - the good, bad, ugly!

We will be more than happy to give you a demo and help you in integrating this over call. Feel free to book a call with us from here:

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