Influencerbit allows you to capture social media of your customers. Then you can use Klaviyo / Send-in-Blue / MailChimp (any other ESP) to fully automate your interactions with these influencers. Influencerbit then provides you the analytics on their posts / stories when they mention you - Reach, likes, User Generated Content, impressions, etc.

Now, In order to do anything commission based you need Refersion.

We embed an Instagram field in your Refersion form for the affiliates. This instagram username is passed to Influencerbit and we track these affiliates on Instagram in Influencerbit dashboard.

Let's see how to embed the Instagram Username field in Refersion popup and connect it to Influencerbit in 3 Steps.

1. Add Custom Field for Instagram Username in Refersion

  • Go to your Refersion dashboard. And Go to Channels >> Affiliate Registration

  • Click on "Custom Form Fields"

  • Now click on "Add Custom Field"

  • A popup box opens. Add a label (Instagram Username in this case) and select if you want to make it required depending on your use case

2. Connect Refersion in Influencerbit Dashboard and get the Webhook URL

  • Click on Activate Button and you will get a webhook. Copy this webhook as we will need it for Step 3 below

3. Add Influencerbit webhook link in Refersion account

  • In Refersion, Go to Account >> Settings and then Choose Webhooks in the options in bottom left.

  • Click on "Create new Webhook" button. Choose the Type as "New Affiliate" and in the Webhook URL copy the webhook URL which we got from Influencerbit after connecting refersion in Step 2

  • Click on Create and now refersion is connected to Influencerbit. For any user who submits their instagram username, we track it in Influencerbit. Whenever they mention the brand on Instagram or create a story, we track it.

Please reach out to us via the chat in the bottom right if you are stuck anywhere or have any questions. We are all in and want to make Influencerbit a success and would really love to listen to your feedbacks. We wanna hear all - the good, bad, ugly!

We will be more than happy to give you a demo and help you in integration. Feel free to book a call from here:

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