We are pioneering in Social Capture. Everyone is on Instagram and it's high time we ask customers for their instagram handle alongside their email / phone.

Once the user gives us their Instagram username, we get their insights like their follower-following counts, post counts, Influencer grade, Bio, Engagement rate, etc and show all this in your Influencerbit dashboard. You can use these metrics to create custom flows and send custom discounts & rewards based on how influencial they are.

After this tutorial, you will Capture Instagram handles with your Klaviyo pop-up / form and automatically send them to your Influencerbit dashboard to get influencer insights.

Note: Checkout our guide here for collecting Instagram usernames at Shopify Order Confirmation Screen (Thank you page) using Klaviyo Forms.

Prerequisite: You have both Influencerbit and Klaviyo app Installed in your Shopify store.

Collect Instagram usernames with Klaviyo popups:

  • Login to your Klaviyo account. Make sure your Shopify account is connected to this Klaviyo account.

  • Click on "SIGNUP FORM", edit your current form which you are using for your website or create new popup form.

  • We need to add Instagram Username to this pop-up form.

  • In the Input field drag-drop "Text Input".

  • Now Enter some placeholder text & set the profile property exactly as "instausername"

  • "PUBLISH CHANGES", and voila!

  • When any user enters their instagram username, you can see their information in your influencerbit dashboard.

What next?

We also pass these metrics to Klaviyo / Other ESPs where you can create custom flows and give custom discounts / rewards based on how influencial they are.


  • Follower count from 0 - 500 = 10% discount if they mention / tag

  • Follower count from 500 - 2500 = 20% discount if they mention / tag

  • Follower count from 2500 - 10000 = 30% discount if they mention / tag

  • Follower count from 10000 - 25000 = 40% discount if they mention / tag


  • 50% off coupon code or $50 off if they mention 3 times in 45 days

Checkout more about how to use Klaviyo flows for Influencer marketing here.

We also sync this data to Gorgias where your support executive can see the influence real time when handling support. If a customer really loved your service and you can see they have 10k+ followers or a huge influence, ask them to post about you! You can read about our Gorgias Implementation here.

Please reach out to us via the chat in the bottom right if you are stuck anywhere or have any questions. We are all in and want to make Influencerbit a success and would really love to listen to your feedbacks. We wanna hear all - the good, bad, ugly!

We will be more than happy to give you a demo and help you in integration. Feel free to book a call from here: https://calendly.com/influencerbit

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