Typeform is one of the easiest ways to collect for Instagram usernames. Mainly used by a few clients of ours where they ask their existing customers for their instagram username for some influencer campaign they are running.

Checkout this sample form here which we created using typescript.

Step 1 : Create your Typeform

  • Login to your typeform account and create your form or click on the form you want to modify. Here we will be creating a new form with 2 questions.

  • For the first question "What is your email ?" ,select the question type as email

  • For the Second question "What is your Instagram handle ?" select the question type as short_text

Step 2 : Login to your Influencerbit Dashboard

  • Go to integrations and select "Typeform"

  • Here you have two drop down fields "Email At Page" & "Instagram Username At Page" , from the drop down list you can select the number, the number corresponds to which number question it is in your form.

  • For my case, Since email was at 1st page so select 1 there and Instagram Username was at 2nd so I will choose 2.

    If the order of your questions in the form change, or if the question types change, then you will need to change the Field Ids accordingly, or it will break.

    For example, if your Instagram Username question is actually the 3rd question in your form, then you will need to select 3 under the "Instagram Username At Page" drop down list

  • Click "Activate"

  • Copy the Webhook URL which is shown in the dialogue box

Step 3: Paste your Webhook URL in Typeform

  • In your Typeform form which you created, click "Connect" on the top of the page

  • And then click "Webhooks" and "Add a Webhook"

  • Paste your long Webhook URL from Influencerbit into the field and then click "save webhook"

    That's it. Now just test your form and make sure you email address and instagram handle pass to your Influencerbit account.

    Incentivising based on Influence

    Typeform takes input and passes the data to us where we enrich them with their social details like their instagram follower-following counts, engagement rate, bio, post count, Influencer grade, age, etc.

    But typeform is not an ESP so it cannot send mails. We integrate this data with Klaviyo / other ESPs and incentivise users based on how influencial they are.


    • Follower count from 0 - 500 = 10% discount if they mention / tag

    • Follower count from 500 - 2500 = 20% discount if they mention / tag

    • Follower count from 2500 - 10000 = 30% discount if they mention / tag

    • Follower count from 10000 - 25000 = 40% discount if they mention / tag

Checkout more about how to use Klaviyo flows for Influencer marketing here.

We also sync this data to Gorgias where your support executive can see the influence real time when handling support. If a customer really loved your service and you can see they have 10k+ followers or a huge influence, ask them to post about you! You can read about our Gorgias Implementation here.

Please reach out to us via the chat in the bottom right if you are stuck anywhere or have any questions. We are all in and want to make Influencerbit a success and would really love to listen to your feedbacks and any requirements you have for us to build. We wanna hear all - the good, bad, everything!

We will be more than happy to give you a demo and help you in integration. Feel free to book a call from here: https://calendly.com/influencerbit

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