This is divided into 2 sections. In the first section we talk about how syncing Influencerbit with Klaviyo converts Klaviyo to influencer marketing mammoth. In the second section we have step by step tutorial on how to connect Klaviyo to Influencerbit.

1. Power of Syncing Klaviyo with Influencerbit

Any instagram username which we capture via Influencerbit, we get their social insights like follower count, post count, bio, engagement, influencer grade, etc.

With this integration we send these instagram insights to Klaviyo where you can create custom flows to entice these influencers to post about you based on how many Instagram followers they have and giving them specific discounts / rewards based on how influencial they are. We add below Custom properties to each user.

Not only that, whenever the user mentions you on instagram, we will pass this event to Klaviyo where you can create flows based on this mention event. Send them a thank you mail or specific discount code or rewards based on how influencial they are.

Some flows:


  • Follower count from 0 - 500 = 10% discount if they mention / tag

  • Follower count from 500 - 2500 = 20% discount if they mention / tag

  • Follower count from 2500 - 10000 = 30% discount if they mention / tag

  • Follower count from 10000 - 25000 = 40% discount if they mention / tag


  • 50% off coupon code or $50 off if they mention 3 times in 45 days

We make Klaviyo enriched with this social data and events. In short, we convert Klaviyo to your Influencer marketing mammoth!

2. How to Connect your Klaviyo account with Influencerbit

  • Login to your Klaviyo account

  • Navigate to your Account page

  • Click on "settings" tab and select "API KEYS" from the drop down menu

  • Here click on "Create a Private Key" and add label "influencerbit" to it.

  • Now Copy paste your Public Key and Private Key into the Influencerbit's Klaviyo intergration page

  • After pressing integrate, it will ask you to Select the list where you want us to sync the Customers' Social data. If you want, You can create new list "influencerbit_users" for ease else you can select any list.

    Please reach out to us via the chat in the bottom right if you are stuck anywhere or have any questions. We are all in and want to make Influencerbit a success and would really love to listen to your feedbacks. We wanna hear all - the good, bad, ugly!

    We will be more than happy to give you a demo and help you in integrating this over call. Feel free to book a call with us from here:

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