At Influencerbit, We are pioneering social capture. You ask your customers their email or phone number for sms marketing right? Why not ask them for their instagram username? Since everyone is on Instagram, capturing their instagram usernames is really important for "Word of Mouth" marketing - The only authentic influencer marketing! You are influenced by what your next door friend purchased, not some big celebrity for which you skip the post thinking the person got money to promote it.

Okay, so you have a buyer's journey on your website. And there are multiple positions where you can ask your customer for their instagram handle. We recommend asking it at the order checkout. Or If you are using a pop-up or spin the wheel on your website, you can ask it there alongside Email as an optional field or in your sms popup. We don't have any limitation where you ask it. We just power the instagram username field and can embed it to your Pop-Ups or Custom forms in Checkout page or anywhere else. Checkout the below examples:

Embedding Instagram username field in your Pop up on the website
Ask for Instagram Username at Order Checkout screen in Shopify

How to embed this Instagram field?

We integrate with majority of apps and have support for custom HTML. Whatever app you are using for pop-up we most likely have an integration with it. Below are the step by step tutorials for each of them. Click on the one which you are using and follow their tutorial.

If your app is not listed here, do reach out to us (Via the Chat button in Bottom Right) and we will be happy to help you out and come out with that integration soon.

Please reach out to us via the chat in the bottom right if you are stuck anywhere or have any questions. We are all in and want to make Influencerbit a success and would really love to listen to your feedbacks and any additional requirements you have. We wanna hear all - the good, bad, everything!

We will be more than happy to give you a demo and help you with integrations. Feel free to book a call from here:

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